Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas day

This year it was Mr Divines brother and his wife's turn to host xmas day.
Oh what fun was had (my photos are in backwards order)
To finish the night my sis-in-law had sparklers which Boodles and her grandma played with.
There was fun in the pool.
Here's us girls. Katrina, Toni, me and Jacqui.
My gorgeous kids in their xmas outfits. Yep! Kind of corny I know, but I just had to make them matching outfits.
My two beauties in their outfits. One was a top and shorts and the other a dress. You know, the same but different.
I hope you had a blessed Christmas.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Steel Mill Christmas Party

My hubby use to work for the Steel Mill. Even though he's left, we still belong
to the Christmas Club. Every year they put on an amazing party for the kiddies.

I am loving this Christmas photo. It's so hard to get 3 kids looking in the same direction.
Who cares that it wasn't in MY direction. hehe