Sunday, August 31, 2008


My mum lent me my grandmothers overlocker. I think you need to be a surgeon and a member of mensa to thread the thing. Anyway I got it going and it was COOL :)
I made this stack of baby face/bottom cloths from old hand towels (reduse, reuse, recycle). I was having the time of my life when the machine lost power, made a popping
sound and wisps of smoke appeared :( It hadn't been used in 13 years, so perhaps a service was in order. l did know this but was impatient to get going. Also it was working so well. I am sad now as I had a heap of projects I was going to work on. So off to get fixed then 'I'll be be back'.

Washing Day

You are probably wondering why I am showing you a photo of my washing. You see, this is our first fine weekend in 9 weeks. YES!!!! 9 weeks. In the Southern hemisphere we are just heading into spring. Today felt like a beautiful spring day. For the first time in months my washing got dry on the line. We don't have a dryer so I have a 3 step process in place. First it gets line dry (if you can call it dry) under shelter on our deck. Then it moves to the drying rack in out lounge (to make use of the heater) then step 3, into the hot water cupboard for a couple of days. So it was lovely to have a one step process today.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Brooch

This is my new yoyo brooch. My friend Dee from Sew Funky
lovingly shared a piece of this gorgeous material with me. My husband thought it was hideous but I say he just has no taste. Oh well.... each to their own.

We met the children

Yey!!!!! We met our new children today. They are so gorgeous, but boy, does the little girl have attitude. We have a challenge in front of us. Our new son is very placid and fell asleep on my husband. Too cute. We now work towards us having our new children full time, so I wont be blogging much. Take care and we will talk soon.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Knitting for children

I know I haven't been posting much lately. This week (and last) I've had a nasty cold and Miss J is home as well (she shared her germs with me).

Sometimes all I have time for is the boring craft stuff, like mending etc that really doesn't deserve to be blogged about. BUT...... finally I have made something.


I knitted this and popped different stuff into each colour pocket. One has bean bag balls another flour (all enclosed in a balloon of course), then there's cellophane and stuffing. I hope our new little boy will like it :)
I made these finger puppets again for our new little girl. The pattern for these can be found here. I love these puppets as they are quick and easy to make even for a beginner. We get to meet our new children on Wednesday and hopefully these will give a little bit of joy.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Good news!

We are getting the children we applied for. I posted how we were hoping to get 2 children through Permanent Placement (kind of like adoption). I'm so excited. All going well we should have them with us in about 6 weeks.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Retreat (part 2)

On Sunday Dee and I went to the markets. Some nasty weather was setting in and the sellers were pretty scarce.

Not to worry lets go for coffee. We had heard about this great french cafe in Browns Bay and so off Dee and I trotted to consume some of their wares.
Oh my goodness it was divine. French music, french food, french chefs. OH LA LA!!!

If you go you must check out the bathroom. Its a hoot.

Well...... it's all over now :( Thanks Dee for a fantastic time yet again. I can't wait for the next time.


Last weekend I went on retreat with my friend Dee. About 3 times a year we get to go on retreat because we have special needs kids. We have wonderful accommodation and all our meals are cooked for us.

Dee and I have a tradition, that we give each other a retreat gift.

This is mine. A knitting needle holder, dish cloth, yarn and a gorgeous teacup napkin ring. Thanks Dee.
We always go to the markets and op shops while we are away. We found these divine cup cake aprons and matching tea towels. Modeled by us of course (I'm taking the photo) :)

After a fun filled morning of shopping what can be better than an afternoon rest with a good book.

Oh yes! This is the life.