Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hoggle versus Simba

When you live in the country there is a variety of live creatures to amuse your dog.
My dog Simba found this hedgehog very amusing.
My husband says the hedgehog found my dog amusing because Simba is wearing
a jersey (well he deserves to be warm too. right)
We gave the hoggle (as I call them) a dog bone.

After getting pricked in the nose a few times (no one said my dog was the smartest), he finally settled in to watch the little prickled creature.

The Hill-Master

We don't need a stair-master machine at our house.
It's called fire wood collection

Step One:
Load container with about 15kgs of wood

Step Two:
Climb up the hill carrying said load of wood (excuse my cleavage)

This is not a butt blaster, its a back blaster.

I have to give big ups to my husband who spent 4 hours chainsawing our trees so we could stay warm for another couple of weeks.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Favourite thing Friday

My new old shoes. My mum just gave them to me. They belonged to my Nana.
So they are truly vintage.
Also note they are actually a pale green, not a strange greyish colour.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New kitty

Miss Lulu's new cat
Lulu's birth mummy took this kitten along to access to show Lulu. Lulu fell in love with it, and the rest is history. So now we have a new addition to our family.
Welcome to our crazy family 'Seraphina'.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Easy Peazy baby gift

Baby nappy bouquet
Supplies needed:
5 new born nappies

1 pair booties or baby socks

1 flannel

tissue paper


curling ribbon or rubber bands (for securing)

Roll up each nappy up tightly and secure with rubber band or curling ribbon 3/4 way down nappy (if you have any extra pair of hands you may not need to secure each nappy).

When all 5 nappies are done hold them tightly in a group and secure with curling ribbon.

1st lay down your cellophane, then your tissue paper then your flannel. Sit your nappies on this and gather the layers around to form the bouquet.
Secure with a pretty ribbon.

Now roll up the booties/socks and push them into the middle of the nappies.

And, HEY PRESTO, you have a really cool and economical gift.

I'm back!

This gorgeous sunset is photographed from our deck. I have not enhanced it at all.
Sorry I have been absent for sooooo long. Guess what? You move 15 mins from a major town and BAM! no broadband. Yes, you heard me right. Our little town only has a small number of broadband ports allocated to it. And you guessed it, they are all taken.
So we have had to go to mobile roaming broadband, which let me tell you isn't cheap (but how else can I keep up to date with all you wonderful bloggers).