Friday, April 16, 2010

Mr. Divines new baby

Poor Mr Divine has had a few sad weeks.
1st: the new rescue dog we got for him, ended up being a mental case and after attacking our rabbit we had to re home it (then it attacked a sheep and they had to re home it).
2nd: His beloved Maine coon cat went missing 3 weeks ago. We have done a flyer drop and posted ads but to no avail.
So today we took a 3 hour drive to get him this beautiful baby boy.
Meet CASSIUS. We called him that because he is part boxer. (Get it)!
Cassius was from a no kill shelter and I think he will fit into our family nicely.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ruth in the field

Seasons are a changing.
This was our outlook this morning.
Our neighbours maize fields.

My mid morning the harvest was well underway

And by dinner time our view was well.......
So, I decided to be like Ruth (out of the bible) and go and gather up the left overs
for our chickens and pigs.
There were so many ears of corn that we only gathered from a couple of rows before dark.
This is the reward of a evenings hunting and gathering. Can't wait to get out there again tomorrow.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


My husband said to me "Either find Dudley a girlfriend or it's time to eat him".
Basically, mate or plate him.
So....... I found him a girlfriend.
Drum roll please.
Here's Delilah (aka Houdini)

We only brought her yesterday and so far she has escaped twice. She is fiesty sow when she wants to be and has put up a huge fight both times we have tried to bring her back home.

If she escapes again I will be tempted to eat her!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Zoo trip

Today we took a family trip to the Franklin Zoo.

Its a little zoo, but great for pre-schoolers. As you might know, I try to support local business and this is our local zoo and best of all you can feed some of the animals :)
Boodles on the dog. Each time we go I get a photo of my babies on the dog.
Mr Divine feeding the birds.
Lulu feeding the zebra.
Peanut on the dog (which he tries to drive like a car).

Here's me sitting on the stone dog.

My oldest Button feeding the birds.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Winter Garden

We ordered in some good organic mix to grow our winter veges in. Our summer crops were abysmal (not helped by one pig eating his way through the summer crops that did grow).

Don't you just love having two willing helpers?

Still a big pile of lovely, steaming planting mix to fill the other garden beds tomorrow.

Im even going to try to grow my veges from seed this season. It will be an interesting adventure.