Friday, September 24, 2010

2 year celebration

Two years ago today Peanut and Lulu came to live with us.
You can read about the first meeting here.
So our tradition is to go to dinner each year to celebrate.

Our daughter Boodles took this photo of us.
Here's our gorgeous Lulu (now 4yrs).

3 of our beauties.
Boodles (7), Peanut (3) and Lulu (4)

Dad's girls.

Father and son.

My gorgeous family. We all look so normal. hehe. You would never know that just before this photo Peanut did a huge burp and we said "say pardon" and he said "more" and let out another one. Yep that's my boy.

Posted by PicasaAnd later on Lulu was crawling around on the floor looking for her lost chicken nugget.
Happy 2 year anniversary family.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Storm Damage

New Zealand was hit by a huge storm last night. We got off quite light.
Our shade sail tore so Phil had to deal to it (see that stripped thing to the right? Its our peg bag that's tied to a line. As you can see its nearly flying).
A tree came down in the back paddock and took out a fence.

And this tree in the front fell over.

And here's Phil picking up the washing that has been strewn around the property. My neighbour 3 houses up the road tells me my knickers on her roof. lol.

Posted by PicasaOur posties fibre glass boat came through his ranch slider last night which would have been handy if their property flooded and friends nearly lost their roof. They had to re-fix it on this morning.


We have had some bad flooding around our area.
Here are some daffodils.

The Waikato (pronounced Why-cut-oar) river spilling over the road.

See that post behind me? That's where the boats normally launch from.

This photo is just down the road from me. The flax bush is usually part of the garden and the white line to the left is the car park.

This house is going to need a boat to get to it.

Can you see the fence line in this paddock? NO, neither could we but it is there.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our new arrival

Our new baby chick is part of a modern family consisting of two mums.

Actually the chook with its back to us (Aretha) is mum to the other black chook (Cher)
and for some reason they have taken on the role of co-parenting.

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Filing cabinet makeover

This is one UGLY filing cabinet. It has a grey veneer that was kind of chipped and that helped add to the ugliness.
I looked up filing cabinet makeovers and found this one that I found inspiring.
I had a sample of Vision wallpaper that has a lovely textured suede feel and cost $7.00 (available in NZ at Resene). I turned it into this......

Oh so pretty. I am loving my new, old cabinet.

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Boys at work

Peanut loves helping his dad doing all the farm chores.
Today it was wood chopping.

Posted by PicasaWhat a pair of cuties.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fathers Day

This is my Dad (and me). I only get to see him once every few years as he lives overseas.
He came over last year though and stayed for a couple of weeks.
Unfortunately, he is not well and I worry about him being so far away.

This is my husband and the father to our babies. I think he deserves a big hi-5 for putting up with me for the last 11 years. I would hate to be a parent without him as he keeps me sane (and that's not an easy job).


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Go Diego Go!

It was my little boys 3rd birthday on Wednesday. Today (Sat) we had his party at
McDonalds with his birth family, our family and friends.
This is the first cake I have decorated by myself and I have to say I am pretty darn pleased with myself.

The two blondies are Phil's grown up girls and the little boy is our grandson sitting on his Aunties knee.

Boodles with her nephew (our grand baby)

My absolutely favourite photo of the birthday boy with Dad (Phil)
Here is Peanut and Lulu's birth mum with Lulu.

Posted by PicasaA great day had by all.