Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finally - some crafts

How do people with lots of kids ever manage to craft?
I only have 4 ankle biters and I'm forever trying to play catch up. Washing, cleaning, feeding, changing etc etc.
Well....I have found time to craft but the housework has suffered. Oh well ;)

I am trying to get a handle on Christmas and have started making presents.
For the younger members of the family I am making activity bags. The idea is that everything you need for the activity is held in one zip lock bag.

I got the idea from Chasing Cheerios and ran with it.

I know, horrid photo. Starting at the left side is a threading game for 3yrs and older, then an open, shut them bag, a felt bag, an under 3's threading bag, threading straws onto pipe cleaners and a fishing game. I have made heaps more of different ones and will load them all when I have finished.
So, as I said I was on a roll and found this website that sells books about activities in a bag. The great thing is that if you go to downloads you can find out what is in each bag and what skill it helps develop. So I am going to include this helpful information with my gifts.
Happy Christmas Present Hunting :)

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sewfunky said...

Woohoo! Good to see you posting on your blog again!