Sunday, June 7, 2009

Easy Peazy baby gift

Baby nappy bouquet
Supplies needed:
5 new born nappies

1 pair booties or baby socks

1 flannel

tissue paper


curling ribbon or rubber bands (for securing)

Roll up each nappy up tightly and secure with rubber band or curling ribbon 3/4 way down nappy (if you have any extra pair of hands you may not need to secure each nappy).

When all 5 nappies are done hold them tightly in a group and secure with curling ribbon.

1st lay down your cellophane, then your tissue paper then your flannel. Sit your nappies on this and gather the layers around to form the bouquet.
Secure with a pretty ribbon.

Now roll up the booties/socks and push them into the middle of the nappies.

And, HEY PRESTO, you have a really cool and economical gift.

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kawaii crafter said...

What a cute idea. Will have to bookmark this for later use.