Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mother to a teen

I am now officially the mum to a 13 year old today.
I have been a step mum to teens and so was able to delude myself that I was still young and hip until now.
We have a few birthday traditions.
1. Open presents with the family on Mum and Dads bed.
2. Mum (me) makes the birthday child's choice of breakfast for the family.
This morning it was French Toast.
3. When the kids turn 13 they get to go on a Daddy date to a restaurant of their choice.
Ashlee chose to have dinner at Rainbows End. Rainbows End is a theme park. Clever girl for thinking outside the square.
Button says it was the best birthday ever.
Hugs, kisses and lots of love, mum. xxx
Happy birthday, Button.

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sewfunky said...

Happy Birthday Ashlee! Looking forward to seeing more of you all soon!!

Scary stuff this turning 13 business, Hope will be 13 in a month!