Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy birthday to you.

Peanut turned 2 today.
I tried to make him a Plex cake that would look like this.
My husband said that it was ambitious, but I said "I have made a rainbow fish cake, a tinky winky etc etc, and this one looks easy."
Well, sometimes the simplest things end up being the hardest.
My husband came home from work and said "I guess it was harder than you thought it would be." Cheeky bugger.
Miss Boodles (6) said " It would be a good try for someone of my age."
Even the children didn't know what it was meant to be. How sad.
Peanut opening up his Sesame Street garage.

Peanut enjoying his Plex. This is what the cake modelled on.

Happy birthday my beautiful boy. xxx

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Annie said...

Happy birthday! Sorry, my brain has been otherwise occupied... will be sending present shortly.