Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bulk buy episode

I sent my husband on a bulk buying expedition.
(Please note, this is not an official binn inn store).
I thought this would be a great way to minimise packaging.
They don't provide paper bags instead of plastic bags and I don't have big enough containers for bulk buying. Those really large margarine containers (5kg?) would be perfect as I only shop once a month.
The main problem is we didn't like the taste of what we brought. I think we have about 5kgs of milk powder. It said it was skim milk but tastes like whole milk powder YUK! We also brought heaps of oats as I have been making porridge for breakfast. The kids hate them and I can't blame them. They weren't very nice. So I think the pigs and chooks will be getting porridge made with milk for breakfast.

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Annie said...

Sometimes attempts to save money just fail don't they - no matter how hard we try.