Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Shabby Chic Girly Lamp

Miss J broke her lamp, so I recovered it in a variety of materials. Excuse the pins holding it onto the frame as I haven't quite figured out how to join it yet. I am going to make Miss J a matching quilted throw in these same materials. Miss J loves it.

If you want to make one like this just sew together different width strips of material until you have enough to go around your existing lamp. Sew it on (I used my sewing machine) and add embellishments. Then pin it to your frame ;).


sewfunky said...

looks great - have you thought about using hot glue to attach it to the frame? or you could hand stitch it??


Jodz said...

Great ideas. Thanks.I must get a hot glue gun. I think I am the only crafter without one. :(

B.Smith said...

i just recovered a lamp but used spray adhesive. How would you sew the fabric on a shade with your machine. Just wondering because I think your lamp is going to look great!