Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ruth in the field

Seasons are a changing.
This was our outlook this morning.
Our neighbours maize fields.

My mid morning the harvest was well underway

And by dinner time our view was well.......
So, I decided to be like Ruth (out of the bible) and go and gather up the left overs
for our chickens and pigs.
There were so many ears of corn that we only gathered from a couple of rows before dark.
This is the reward of a evenings hunting and gathering. Can't wait to get out there again tomorrow.


sewfunky said...

So awesome to see you posting again! :)

I've been so busy over the school holidays that I haven't posted on my website once!

Can't wait for school to be back.

Anonymous said...

I second that!! Nice to see you back blogging again. I've missed your posts.

We had the same in the paddock below. Cam was a bit gutted that they harvested while he was at preschool :-( I didn't gather up any leftovers, our pigs are now in the freezer.