Saturday, September 18, 2010


We have had some bad flooding around our area.
Here are some daffodils.

The Waikato (pronounced Why-cut-oar) river spilling over the road.

See that post behind me? That's where the boats normally launch from.

This photo is just down the road from me. The flax bush is usually part of the garden and the white line to the left is the car park.

This house is going to need a boat to get to it.

Can you see the fence line in this paddock? NO, neither could we but it is there.

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Anonymous said...

All this weather is sucky ain't it !! We are just having some more thunder and lightning now. The wind has been diabolical, glad we got rid of all those roadside trees. I'm sure it's worse where you are though, not so much flooding here.