Friday, September 24, 2010

2 year celebration

Two years ago today Peanut and Lulu came to live with us.
You can read about the first meeting here.
So our tradition is to go to dinner each year to celebrate.

Our daughter Boodles took this photo of us.
Here's our gorgeous Lulu (now 4yrs).

3 of our beauties.
Boodles (7), Peanut (3) and Lulu (4)

Dad's girls.

Father and son.

My gorgeous family. We all look so normal. hehe. You would never know that just before this photo Peanut did a huge burp and we said "say pardon" and he said "more" and let out another one. Yep that's my boy.

Posted by PicasaAnd later on Lulu was crawling around on the floor looking for her lost chicken nugget.
Happy 2 year anniversary family.


PaisleyJade said...

Wow - such a beautiful family (love their nicknames!!).

Anonymous said...

What a lovely night out !!! You are looking gorgeous !!! Dh has been away from home working in Aucks heaps. Might have to take myself on a trip to pay him back.

Happy kiddy anniversary.

paul smith said...

You are looking gorgeous !!!wa

Annie said...

Normal. Normal is for sissies!
We're related - there is no normal.

Annie said...

PS - happy anniversary!

sewfunky said...

normal, huh! ;)

Congrats on 2 years, has it really been that long?!