Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Boredom Busters

In New Zealand we are at the start of the summer school holidays (6 weeks long).
So, sitting on my counter I have 3 jars.

1 is for fun stuff (free to do stuff)
2 is for chores (hehe)
3 is for outings (stuff that costs)

Each day one of the kidlets chooses one out of jar no. 1 and jar no.2. Then once a week/fortnight they can choose out of jar 3.
We went to the school playground.

Our outing last week was the Franklin Zoo.

On this day it was dinner by the river. We even splashed out and got McDonalds.
Then the kids had a blast swimming in the river.

Such a fun time had by all.
We have also played board games, done arts and crafts and played with the toy kitchen.


PaisleyJade said...

Now that is such a cool idea!! Loving your photos.

Anonymous said...

3 jars are a great idea. Wish I had done that. We did go to see the Wonkey Donkey guy sing today, it was free too. The I made Ian take am to the river so I could make dinner in peace and quiet :-)

Megan said...

that's a great idea! will have to remember that when i enter the school holiday years...