Saturday, January 8, 2011

New mokopuna

Our new little granddaughter Ella-Marie entered the world on January 3rd.
Now, I know what your thinking. I'm far to young to have grandkids (please tell me that's what your thinking)lol
My official title is Jojo.
Well....technically Ella and Dante are my step daughters kid-lets but since I'm married to their father, I have honorary grand parent rights.
Mr Divine is called Koro (which is the maori word for grandfather)
Here's the sweet baby girl in all her perfectness.
My daughter Boodles and her nephew (our grandson) Dante.
They look as if they could be brother and sister.

I just want to grab those sweet cheeks.
My boy peanut and Ella-Marie.
Lulu with baby girl.
Welcome to the world Ella-Marie


sewfunky said...

She looks truly beautiful! :D

PaisleyJade said...

Beautiful sweet baby! You do look like a super young looking grandma!!