Friday, February 20, 2009

Funky felt holder

Again, I am trying to make as many presents as I can. So I have made about 3 of these felt holders so far.
This one is for Miss Boodles friends 6th birthday.
Inside are some felts, Highschool Musical stickers and a Highschool Musical notebook.
So all up it cost around $5.00.
If you want to make it go to One Red Robins blog for the tutorial.


sewfunky said...

That looks so cool... did ya see what I made for Bree's friend yesterday? A little easier than the one red robin one...

I put coloured pencils, neat covered notebook and a pencil sharpener inside. It was well recieved, I think that even children get a kick out of someone taking the time to make something GOOD for them!

Nan said...

What a lovely blog you have! Thank you for your kind comment and for visiting. I will be back to read some more I am sure.

I did start my blog out for my crafts, so when I first talked about something other then crafts it felt alittle weird, but since then in almost 2 years it has taken many detours! LOL