Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentines Day

My camera and computer are on talking terms again and allowed me to download some photos :)

As mentioned on this post my husband and I don't buy each other presents. So instead I made a special deal with dinner.

Mr. Divine broke the rules and brought me flowers and chocolates. Naughty Mr. Divine.

We had a lovely bottle of wine, while the kids had blackcurrant juice. Miss Boodles (6) calls it wine though, which makes me wonder what the school thinks ;)

I made each person a place card and wrote a special note of what I love about them.

I hope it will speak to the children of what love looks like and what to expect when they meet Mr/Mrs right.


sewfunky said...

neat idea about the place cards! :)

Super Healthy Kids said...

I love the placecards with a note too! And what a sweet husband. Gotta love it when they break the rules.