Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1 week rubbish bag challenge

YEP! Our challenge started today. We are hopefully going to take one whole week to fill this bin (not our usual one or two days).
So far it has one biscuit packet, 2 wipes and 5 oxo wrappers.
I have to say that my one week rubbish challenge doesn't work very well with trying to minimalise the house. I went through my sons room today and came up with this bag of non-recyclable, broken toys.
Now..... if I was to put this in the bin it would fill it up in one day, so.... I'm going to cheat!
I am going to put all this broken stuff in a separate bag and use my bin for all the everyday normal rubbish.
I also filled a box with crappy plastic McDonald type toys that I will donate, so they can fill up someone else's home.

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