Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have been inspired by a blog called Becoming Minamilist.
I am not much of a hoarder, but I do have more stuff than I need, and very little storage.
So I'm paring it down. Today I gave away a box of plastic kitchen stuff
and tomorrow I'm going to a clothes swap. I wonder how much I will come home with though?
Hopefully I won't fill back up these 3 bags.

The past few weeks I have been going through our clothes and have already given away loads.
I think this might be the last of it. I also went through our sheets and towels. I've kept 2-3 sets of winter sheets per bed. I figure that's 1 set on the bed, 1 set being washed and 1 set spare for the accidental wets that sometimes happen (kids beds not mine). lol

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sewfunky said...

Can't wait to get a look at some of your clothes...

I have 2 rubbish sacks of clothes to take.