Monday, January 26, 2009

Ambury Park Farm

Yes, I know this is meant to be a crafting blog but it is school holidays and so we have been out and about.
Today we visited another Auckland Regional Council Park called Ambury.
Of course, all these parks are free of charge since our rates help pay to run them.
Our children love this park as it is a working farm with attractions for the kids.

Here is Button feeding Cameron the Clydesdale. Cameron put his leg out of the fence and it got stuck. He was throwing his leg around and the fence was rocking back and forth. I was telling my husband ( Mr Divine) to help as the horse was panicking (and so were we). Mr Divine managed to hold the wire of the fence down and Cameron was freed. YEY!!! Mr Divine, your my hero :)

We found a very friendly calf. Button found it loved being scratched under the chin. It enjoyed it so much that it tried to show Button it's appreciation by licking her. YUK!!!

Meet Timmy the turkey. He was a real show off and kept fluffing his body up and making this booming sound that shook his body.

Boodles wanted to play some games, so we had a 3 legged race.

And my version of the 'egg and spoon race ' Is the egg holding the spoon?

A great morning out.


Phil Hands said...

I wish everyone could of been there when the calf tried to lick Buttons face, they really do have massive tongues, and she could not get far enuf away fast enuf!!!!!!!!
It was worth going out for that one experiance, I laughed so hard I nearly pee'd.

Jodz said...

Thanks for such a graphic description, Mr Divine.