Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One bad day

The thing I like about bloggers is that even though they have crap going on in their lives they still focus on the positive things in life. But lets be honest, sometimes thats harder than other times.
Yesterday my Aspergers daughter (12yrs) was really mean to her respite caregivers. She ran away from them and told members of the public she was being held against her will and that they were abusing her.
So a good meaning member of the public phoned the police (even though the caregivers asked them not to) and so my daughter told bigger and better stories and lapped up the attention the public and police were giving her.
So, we had to go and get her early :( Yesterday I was angry but today I am really low and sad. I am so upset that my girl could make up such horrible stories about such amazing people who treat her with nothing but dignity and respect.
Because of her disorder she just doesn't get it. She doesn't get that she could have got her caregivers into serious trouble or that they may not want to have her again. She doesn't understand that we would still be feeling upset today.
So thats me today.


Missie Krissie said...

Oh I'm sorry. This must be so hard. It would be so hard not to be angry and resentful. You're a brave person, just remember to keep your head up darl.

Karyn said...

It's hard sometimes to keep the bad stuff out of our blogs, especially when it's such a huge part of your life. Thanks for sharing that with all of us.

sewfunky said...

Huge hugs Jodz!

Viv said...

I think us bloggers all feel the need to share some of the bad stuff. A problem shared is a problem halved right? Sharing is good. I feel for you.