Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Favourite thing Friday

I am loving this blog right now.

Rhonda Jean from down-to-earth is one of the contributors to this great blog.

I am trying to minimize the impact I have on our Earth and since my word for the year is

the ONE thing we are doing differently is wearing clothes more than once with the motto of 'if it's not dirty, don't wash it'.

Let me tell you the difference this ONE thing it is having. I am now washing only every second day (instead of 2 loads each day) which is a great time saver and of course there's the savings in power and water.

I did use to make my own washing powder, but now that I am washing nappies my homemade powder would leave a residue and make them less absorbent. Since cutting down on my washing I am now able to afford an eco friendly powder.

So, what is the ONE thing you are doing differently this year?

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sewfunky said...

What a great idea... less washing would be a major plus in our house! :)

We are putting in a vege garden - I'm not sure that's gonna make a difference, but it certainly makes a difference when it comes to the milage our vegetables make!

BTW. LOVE your new profile pic... :)